Water Testing Products


If you’re dedicated to monitoring and refining water quality using products you can trust, and you’re looking for unparalleled customer service and support, then Taylor water test kit reagents are the premier choice. Choose from a vast array of reagents, in sizes that fit your needs.


Test strips have long been the go-to testing method for pool and spa owners—and for good reason. The dry chemistries used in these strips are as reliable as those in liquid reagents, and testing couldn’t be easier. Just dip into a collected sample and read—no technical know-how required. Within seconds you’ll have a good picture of the condition of the water and whether or not any adjustments are necessary. Less time spent testing means more time for enjoying your pool or spa.


Ensure that your pool or spa is functioning properly by treating your water with a Swimming Pool Test Kit. Too much or too few chemicals can be unhealthy for swimmers and your pool’s filtration system. We offer several different styles and sizes of kits. This formula makes treating your water easier and more efficient than ever before.

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