Automatic pool cleaners can make the life of a pool owner much easier.

Suction Cleaners

Suction Cleaners attach to the pool wall skimmer, or a dedicated vacuum line. The suction from the pool pump creates both movement and vacuuming to trap debris in the pump basket, or an in-line leaf strainer can be used. Suction cleaners are the most affordable cleaners, but in some cases are not as fully automatic or independent as other pool cleaner types. A 1 hp pump or larger is recommended to provide enough suction power.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure Cleaners attach to a pool return line or dedicated cleaner line, and water pressure drives the movement, vacuuming and sweeping functions, while trapping debris in an on-board debris bag. Popular in-ground cleaners include the Polaris 380. There are also low-pressure models like Polaris 360 for in-ground, that operate from the pressure provided by your filter pump. Booster pump models are the most automatic of pool cleaners, with a timer turning the booster pump on/off each day automatically.

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