Chemical Feeders

Whether you prefer an automatic chemical feeder or a floating dispenser to supply the perfect amount of chlorine or bromine to your pool for crystal clear water, we have you covered. Enjoy less guesswork on how much sanitizer to put into your pool and when to do it, with an automatic pool chemical feeder.

Precise Control of Chlorine Level
Whether you are looking for a chemical feeder for an in-ground or above ground pool. Simply fill the feeder with chlorine tablets, set the dial to a pre-set flow rate, and let the chlorinator do the rest. Test your chlorine level to determine if the dial setting is producing the preferred level of chlorine. Adjust the dial or add more or less tablets to the chlorine feeder and you can find the right combination for your pool.

Chlorine Floaters for Pools & Spas
Floating pool chlorinators and floating brominators maintain a steady flow of chemicals into your pool, even when the pump is not running. Floaters also prevent problems from using tablets in the pool skimmer. Add tabs to the floating chlorine dispenser, close the lid, adjust the baffle vents, and simply place into the pool.
Chlorine floaters are the most common choice for above ground pool owners. Do not use the skimmer as a chlorinator, which will cause hose and pump problems, unless you run the pump 24/7. If you do not have an automatic chemical feeder, a pool chlorine floater is the next best thing. Floating chlorinators ensure that chlorine is being dispensed constantly in your pool so that you can be confident of sanitary pool water.

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